Who we are, what and how we do ..

The core of our team consists of long-time TV specialists. Digital TV signals, networks, TVs and displays are our world.

True specialists

Our people are sought not only as experts in modern TV system technology but also for their dedicated approach to the client. On this basis, we can successfully develop partnerships with a number of international companies operating networks of hundreds of hotels. On the other hand, we value our long-term personal contacts in the segment of independent regional hotels and guesthouses.

Always a step ahead

Our monitoring center allows to identify the problem and immediately perform a service intervention. This significantly reduces the level of failures and subsequent complaints or complaints from users. More...  

Long-term relationship

We provide ongoing support and development of our client's TV system technology. Depending on the technology and client requirements, the appropriate level of contractual cooperation can be chosen. More...

Fast and reliable

To our contractual clients, we primarily guarantee service capacity for urgent service of TV system technology. More...

Our domestic and foreign projects

..where we worked..

Our core business has been in the Czech Republic for more than 10 years, where we deliver products and provide our services to the main clientele.

Outside the home territory, we also work on projects in other European countries. This is usually the supply and installation of TV systems to major international hotel chains.