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are you ready for TV broadcasting changes?

Our clients often ask us for a consultation because they are confronted with a whole range of scattered and often incompetent or misleading information. The TV system operator, such as a hotelier, a residential apartment or commercial house manager, gets various information from different interest groups. There are, on the one hand, producers and retailers of electronics (televisions), suppliers of antenna technology (SMATV), operators of TV transmitters and finally the operators of nationwide or regional TV broadcasting (both public and private). For a manager focusing on his core business, it is not even possible to assume that a specific digital HD broadcasting transition project could be easily evaluated and managed. We provide the necessary advice and are able to fully secure the issue of DVB-T2 transition.

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Surveillance on-line panel

We provide our clients with active supervision over the full functionality of the system. Therefore, any outages of TV signals or changes on the broadcasting side can be proactively addressed and responded to the situation before dissatisfaction or complaints from users could arise. In the hotel sector, we help our clients to ensure the highest quality of service. This is ultimately reflected in a decline of negative reviews or comments on social networks such as TripAdviser, Booking, or Expedia.

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Presentation displays for meeting rooms, receptions, lifts ..

In today's fast-forward world of information, corporate flipcharts, bulletin boards and message boards are no longer viable. For internal communication in your company, as well as for customer presentations, we provide the up-to-date Digital Signage Corporate Systems.

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TV professional displays for hotels, restaurants and commercial buildings

The guest room television makes the look and feel of the room and creates a comfortable environment. We provide everything from architectural design to implementation. Of course, we ensure the compatibility with DVB-T2, full availability of the hotel TV features, and online control & service. We work with manufacturers of professional displays PHILIPS, SAMSUNG, and LG , among others.

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TV Content management

We install an extended range of TV channels with both domestic and international content. News programs, sports, themed channels, documents, movies. We can also add premium channel services such as Netflix or HBO, so that a hotel guest can open his account via Smartphone to watch his home TV channels.

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TV System Accessory

The remote controllers come with a configuration for hotel use, for all common manufacturers and models of hotel TVs. Expansion modules to the SMATV Head-End for receiving new HD channels.

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